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Being able to notice changes, or any lack of expected change, in service users, is critical to quality service delivery and risk management e.g. changes in mobility, nutritional status, mental health etc.

Monitoring involves making mini assessments that occur between formal assessment and reassessments. It requires making observations about changes in or around a person whilst still maintaining person’s privacy. It also requires effective information management systems to ensure that monitoring is systematic within an organisation and that monitoring data feeds into continuous quality improvement (CQI) systems.

Topics covered:

  • What monitoring is and what it isn’t
  • What types of change are relevant and why
  • How monitoring information flows within an agency and how that information is managed
  • Communicating to direct delivery staff and volunteers the importance of monitoring and how to effectively
  • Links between monitoring information and quality care to individuals, and CQI systems for the organisation

Suitable for: Coordinators, Managers and Front Line Workers.