TASTE Cultural Food Tours Inc. was established in 2010, with the support of the Benevolent Society. As a social enterprise, it has had a huge role in showcasing and celebrating the diversity of Western Sydney. However, TASTE is much more than just a social enterprise.

TASTE have been challenging perceptions and cultivating an understanding of the diverse communities of Western Sydney by establishing strong social connections and cross-cultural understanding. This has and is being achieved neighbourhood by neighbourhood, by building community through showcasing and celebrating the richness of the region. Ultimately by bringing people to the dinner table, the local guides are making TASTE a “family” experience whilst taking punters to the belly of Western Sydney.

TASTE is your opportunity to go local and be immersed not only into a new cuisine but also the sights, sound, traditions, and cultures of others in your community.

Currently, TASTE tours are showcasing suburbs with these gastronomic delights, Mixed Asian, Persian, Iraqi, Assyrian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, South American, Afghan, Turkish, Iranian, Bangladeshi, Lebanese, Vietnamese, and Indo-Chinese.

The tours are guided by residents that expertly present some of the best secret spots, personalities, and stories that their area offers. The guides are also at the forefront in dispelling misconceptions and myth busting when it comes to views on local foods and cultures.

One senior guide, Sahar, who sees the significance of her role in the Bankstown area brings a sense of humour to her tours. This has been central to challenging negative perceptions of Bankstown. Once one of her customers for a tour was concerned about parking. Sahar asked if her car was an expensive model, to which the customer exclaimed in horror. Sahar began to laugh, and her customer knew instantly that she had been had!

Ultimately this story reinforces the significance of TASTE in the community as a celebration of diversity in cultures.

Now that the holiday period is fast approaching and celebrations will be coming down the proverbial chimney before you know it. It is time to book in those end-of-year parties and treat yourself, your colleagues, friends, or family to a special private food and culture tour of your local region.

Booking your celebrations with TASTE Cultural Food Tours is also a wonderful way to give back. Each ticket supports fantastic, vibrant local Sydney communities and businesses and cultivates deeper connection and understanding in the community.

TASTE provides all the cultural insights, planning, cleaning, fun and of course, food. All you’ll need to bring is your tastebuds! Check out TASTE Cultural Food Tours here.

All their public food and culture tours are available as private tours, or they can be customised to create something new for you too! Just contact Lesley at info@tastetours.com.au for more info.

P.S. Gift Vouchers are also available, and tours make great holiday, birthday, or anniversary gifts or rewards for colleagues, staff, friends, and family.