Following the Family and Community Services (FACS) Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) Program Reforms in late 2015, WSCF led a series Sector Roundtable consultations. A Greater Western Sydney Leadership Group was developed to provide advice on WSCF recommendation areas which have since developed into the Greater Western Sydney Industry Led Initiatives. While the TEI Reforms have been the catalyst for these initiatives, they have the capacity to support services across the sector navigating complex change.

The Greater Western Sydney Industry Led Bootcamp for Organisational Readiness shall support agencies in navigating reforms, enhancing advantageous opportunities and encouraging effective responses within a complex environment.

The Greater Western Sydney Blueprint on Place-Based Integrated Services will lay design work around delivering place based integrated services. The Blueprint will provide guidance for investment into robust structures that support a rapidly growing region with continuing social and economic priorities. The Blueprint will also contribute to the evidence base of service design efforts which emphasises client centricity, service coordination, and community, business and government sharing a common agenda.