Tailored Solutions

We work one on one with community-focused agencies and groups providing tailored solutions to assist in tackling specific priorities – whether it’s about service delivery or your business operations.

The options are limitless.

Our qualified team has a wide range of multidisciplinary experience, enabling us to match you with the right person for the job.

What can we offer?

Our tailored solutions service is based on your needs.  Here are a few services we can provide:

  • Produce and or implement an organisational strategy or plan
  • Write or review a business case or application for funds, sponsorship or donations
  • Facilitate the development of partnerships and networks
  • Deliver a communications or community engagement strategy
  • Design your new website and or marketing collateral
  • Undertake a research, mapping  or evaluation project
  • Complete an environmental scan to identify and embrace opportunities
  • Develop key performance indicators
  • Review and or create policies and procedures
  • Provide a mentoring service for individuals and or teams

We’re committed to helping your organisation reach the next level.

Our members are entitled to subsidised services. 

Contact us to discuss your priorities and to get more information. 

Some of our clients:

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