Submission to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

On Monday 19 October 2015 the Draft Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Draft Airport Plan was placed on public exhibition for a total of 60 days. The 4,000 page document was prepared by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development over a period of eight months.

The Western Sydney Airport is one of the largest infrastructure projects currently proposed in Australia. A project of this magnitude will carry a number of environmental, social and economic impacts of a positive and negative nature. The EIS assesses the nature and scope of those impacts and outlines management and mitigating measures that will be implemented during the construction and operation stages of the Western Sydney Airport.

As a regional peak for communities and community organisations in Greater Western Sydney, Western Sydney Community Forum is a voice to over 200 non-government organisations in the community sector and the communities that they represent. Our submission focuses on the three key areas of employment, public transport and affordable housing.

The topics chosen reflect the expertise of Western Sydney Community Forum and the topics elected by our membership as most important to the people they work with across Greater Western Sydney.

Western Sydney Community Forum welcomes economic development into Western Sydney and supports the development of a diverse range of employment opportunities. We also support the development of vital infrastructure such as public transport and affordable housing. Our submission advocates for communities that experience poverty and disadvantage to ensure that all residents in Western Sydney are able to take full advantage of economic growth in the region.

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