The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) have recently released the updated Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Commissioning Framework.  Click here to access.  This version incorporates the feedback received as part of the ILC consultation sessions held earlier in the year.

The ILC Commissioning Framework explains how the ILC Policy will be implemented by:

  • Outlining the vision for ILC to build an ordinary life for people with disability through greater community inclusion
  • Explaining how the outcomes that ILC will achieve for people with disability contribute to the vision and community inclusion,
  • Describing the role of ILC in the NDIS.

In addition, the NDIA has also just released the Program Guidelines for ILC and the ILC Outcomes Framework Discussion Starter.
The ILC Outcomes Framework Discussion Starter provides more detail about how outcomes from ILC funded activities will be monitored, measured, reported and evaluated.  An ILC Toolkit will also be released soon which aims to help organisations get ready for ILC.

The commencement for ILC in NSW will be July 2018.  The NDIA will be commencing earlier in ACT (July 2017) with the ACT application process commencing in late January 2017.  Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions for Organisations.