Greater Western Sydney Industry Led Blueprint

Place Based Integrated Services

In collaboration with a range of partners, Western Sydney Community Forum  is leading the design of a blueprint for delivering place based integrated services. The Blueprint emphasises client centricity, service coordination, and community, business and government sharing common agenda.

It will provide guidance for investment into robust structures that support a rapidly growing region with continuing social and economic priorities. The Blueprint will also contribute to the evidence base of service design efforts.

WSCF greatly values the contributions and insights of key leaders from the industry. Experiences from across the spectrum have been crucial to informing WSCF’s work throughout the TEI reform process.

The Journey So Far

The Next Leg of the Journey

Our Team

Charlton Wun

Project Officer

Charlton is motivated by the positive growth of our future communities by ensuring that we collaborate effectively.

As a new Western Sydney University Graduate, Charlton is the project officer working on the Blueprint. Charlton works closely on and across each aspect of the Blueprint as well as communicating with stakeholders and leadership group.

Tom Nance

Project Lead

Tom is passionate about the future of communities in Greater Western Sydney and the role the industry will play in helping them thrive.

Tom is the Project Lead of the Blueprint, Tom has experience leading a broad range of initiatives and strategies including the ZEST Awards and has worked closely on the Going Home Staying Home Reforms.

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