What kind of services will these reforms effect?

The scope of the TEIP reforms is broad, spanning across nine different funding streams. As a result a wide range of services will be effected. The nine funding streams under review as part of the reform are:

  • Families NSW
  • Aboriginal Child Youth and Family Strategy (ACYFS)
  • Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)
  • Child Youth and Family Support (CYFS)
  • Youth Hope
  • Getting it Together
  • Community Builders
  • Staying Home Leaving Violence
  • Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Services

What does FACS mean by Targeted Earlier Intervention?

The sector consultation paper states that “For FACS services, early intervention is both intervening early in age and early in the course of an issue”.

To deliver effective prevention and early intervention FACS acknowledge that services need to be provided along a continuum, on a Primary or Universal level by delivering programs targeted at the entire population all the way to the Tertiary level by providing targeted interventions for individuals dealing with complex issues.

What does FACS want to achieve from this reform?

According to the sector consultation paper, FACS have identified five aims for the reform:

  • Improve outcomes for clients of targeted earlier intervention services
  • Create a service system continuum grounded in evidence-based best practice
  • Target resources to those with the greatest needs
  • Facilitate district decision making on the design and delivery of local services
  • Increase flexibility so that clients are the centre of the system

What are FACS looking for feedback on?

FACS are seeking feedback on five areas to inform the reform process. These areas are:

  • Service System Design
  • Service Delivery
  • Program Improvement
  • Program Support
  • Reform Processes