The Communities of Change Roadshows are underway, delivering key insights from the Communities of Change Report, throughout the local government areas of Western Sydney. The Roadshow sessions are an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the report with WSCF specialists and facilitators, specifically relating the data to current and future service delivery in local government areas. 

Launched in May this year, the Communities of Change Report has generated keen interest throughout the region, for its insights on the changing landscape of Western Sydney. The joint report, completed in partnership with St Vincent de Paul Society of New South Wales, captures a snapshot of investment and demographic trends, highlighting areas of potential shortfall in investment and service delivery. 

The unprecedented approach for this report – which utilised data on population trends, economic indicators, infrastructure development and community service investment – brings into focus the areas of most need, while outlining the current profile of communities and what they may look like in the future. 

The Roadshow sessions have thus far proven to be popular, dynamic forums, with an emphasis on interactivity. WSCF continues to roll out the Roadshows across the greater west and will keep the conversation going. 

For more information on the Communities of Change Roadshows Click Here.