Joint Media Release: St Vincent de Paul Society NSW and Western Sydney Community Forum

Parramatta, 23 May 2018:  The release of a major report on the changing landscape of Western Sydney reveals important insights which could impact future planning and investment in community health and wellbeing.

The ‘Communities of Change: Western Sydney Now and Into the Future’ report, a collaboration between Western Sydney Community Forum and St Vincent de Paul Society NSW, highlights areas of potential shortfalls in investment and service delivery.

The unprecedented approach for this report – which utilises data on population trends, economic indicators, infrastructure development and community service investment – brings into focus the areas of most need, while outlining the current profile of communities and what they may look like in the future.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Chief Executive Officer Jack de Groot said:

“The Communities of Change Report is a resource for everyone who’s passionate about the best possible future for Western Sydney. It draws a clear and timely picture of the region, identifying opportunities and anticipating the needs of people across Western Sydney over the next 10 years and beyond. Our challenge lies in how to plan, adapt, grow and tackle deep and structural disadvantage; and how to harness the dynamic opportunities in our work with the people we serve.”

Western Sydney Community Forum CEO, Billie Sankovic added:

“Western Sydney is one of the most diverse, fast growing and dynamically changing communities in Australia. We were very pleased to complete this significant report that tells a deeper story about the region with its interrelated and interdependent influences. We expect community, government and business will welcome the report and draw on its insights to make key strategic decisions which will shape the social and economic future of the region”

EVENT DETAILS: The Communities of Change Report will be launched at Western Sydney University in Parramatta on 29 May, 9:30am by the Hon Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services. The host partner for the event is PwC.