Western Sydney Community Forum was pleased to host the ‘More than Bricks’ Breakfast Conversation on the 27 October 2016 on housing, affordability and social infrastructure in partnership with Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, Deloitte and the Western Sydney Business Chamber.

The Breakfast Conversations Series provides a platform for escalating and intensifying social and cultural goals within the public policy debate in Western Sydney.

The event was moderated by Professor James Arvanitakis from Western Sydney University and presented an opportunity to discuss innovative housing solutions across the business, government and community sectors.

Forum Chief Executive Billie Sankovic opened the address, saying

“It is time to talk about the whole spectrum of housing priorities and view housing as more than just bricks….optimal outcomes are achieved when we put people at the centre of our decision making and communities at the centre of our thinking’.

The Breakfast panelists agreed social infrastructure was a key ingredient to ensure housing and communities are livable places.

Social Commissioner Heather Nesbitt from the Greater Sydney Commission stated that

“Livability needs to be maintained and enhanced and that Sydney, including Western Sydney, must be thought of as a shared city in order to do this”

The panelists highlighted the importance of community participation and collaboration on planning and infrastructure priorities.

David Borger, Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber, commented that

“Ways to achieve progressive change is to collaborate with a number of groups and present a coordinated position….and decision makers are more likely to listen.”

Matthew Beggs, Urban Growth’s head for Western Sydney, added that

“We need to provide the housing industry with effective models to replicate.”

Panel members included Social Commissioner for the Greater Sydney Commission Heather Nesbitt, Chief Executive of Western Sydney Community Forum Billie Sankovic, Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber David Borger, Chief Executive of Evolve Housing Andrea Galloway, Head of Western Sydney Projects at Urban Growth Matthew Beggs, Academic at Western Sydney University Dr Louise Crabtree.

Further Breakfast Conversations will be held in Western Sydney throughout 2017.

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Communications Officer
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