On Friday 5 August 2016, Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF), brought together market leaders from Businesses, Community Organisations and Government at the Blacktown Energy Initiative (BEI).
BEI created a networking opportunity to bridge the gap between Businesses and Community Organisations, as well as enabling and encouraging the formation of inter-organisational partnerships. Ultimately, the BEI has begun the mobilisation of a localised collaborative movement. BEI’s aim is to shape Blacktown’s own strategic path for Collaborative energy saving, towards a “local vision” of the future. BEI also aims to identify where transferable benefits will emerge for the local community.
The BEI was facilitated by WSCF, a regional ‘think tank’ advocating for excellence and collaboration towards community resilience and well-being in Greater Western Sydney. The event was kindly hosted by Western Sydney Institute of TAFE at the Nirimba Green Skills Hub, whose state of the art energy efficiency technology suite was greatly appreciated as an ideal venue.
WSCF’s Chief Executive, Billie said, “At a time when the cost of living is rising and families are under increasing pressure to make their dollars stretch further, the potential of the Blacktown Energy Initiative is endless. Blacktown has the right mix of businesses, experience and community commitment to make this happen. We are very excited and fortunate to be facilitating this collaboration between sectors that will result in benefits for industry, local communities and the environment.”
Trevor Oldfield, President of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber is enthusiastic about the initiative, “We know that energy efficiency is on the minds of local businesses. They are looking for ways to contribute to healthier environments and communities as well as achieve productivity savings. The Blacktown Energy Initiative provides a platform to do this. It is a brilliant opportunity to highlight and extend the great work already taking place across the Blacktown business and community sector.”
The Blacktown Energy Initiative BEI is excited to sustain the established relationships formed as a result of the project, and shall continue to position Blacktown as a leading community in energy efficiency. The group will meet again next month to continue building a local plan for action.