In April 2015, the Australian Government tasked the Aged Care Sector Committee with developing a roadmap that sets out future reform directions for aged care.  This Roadmap has just been released and it outlines the Committee’s views on “what is required to realise a sustainable, consumer-led aged care market, where consumers have increased choice and control of what care and support they receive as well as where, how and when they receive it
(page 2).  It identifies 9 key domains for further action including:

  • How do consumers prepare for and engage with their aged care?
  • How are eligibility and care needs assessed?
  • How are consumers with different needs supported?
  • How do we make dementia core business throughout the system?
  • What care is available?
  • Who provides care?
  • Who pays?
  • How will the formal and informal workforce be supported?
  • How will quality be achieved?

To download the Roadmap click here.